Monday, July 29, 2013

Don't Miss Out on the Paper Pumpkin Promotion

I joined Paper Pumpkin a few months ago and love it.  The projects are so cute and easy to do with the supplies and easy to follow instructions.  You can even choose to step up the projects by adding something extra.

This is a great way to try stamping without making a big investment.  Do you have a friend or relative who has hesitated to try stamping?  Wouldn't this be great for them?

It is also a great time for dedicated stampers to check out the My Paper Pumpkin kits.  It is a little surprise in your mailbox each month.  The investment is minimal - $10 each month for the first two months.  What a deal!  You can even opt out at any time with no penalty. 

In addition to supplies to make 4 cards with envelopes, the introductory kit includes a clear mount block which can be used with all subsequent kits.  Block D is a $8.50 value.

Paper Pumpkin Promotion

Offer Dates: July 18, 2013 -August 31, 2013
Offer Details: Use the promotion code PUMPKINDEAL to join Paper Pumpkin before August 31, 2013, and pay only $10 a month* for the first two months.
*plus tax, where applicable. Shipping included!
The Fine Print:
  • For new subscribers only.
  • Promotion applies only to the first two months of a new subscription. After receiving two month's worth, the price for each month's kit will go to the regular price: $19.95.
  • You need to visit to join.
  • You must click "Add Promo Code" and then enter the promo code PUMPKINDEAL in the "Promo Code" field when you sign up on the website to take advantage of this promotion.
  • You must join by Saturday, August 31, 2013; 11:50 PM (MT).

Questions? We Have Answers . . .

Q: If the offer is only for new customers, can't I just cancel my existing membership and re-sign up using the special code?
A: No. When you cancel and try to re-sign up with the same e-mail address, the system will recognize you and reinstate your former membership. The promo code will not work.
Q: Can I just cancel and re-sign up using a different e-mail address and use the promo code?
A: Yes, this option will work, but keep in mind you will receive the Welcome Kit on your first month. That means you will miss the actual kit of that month and you will really only get one new discounted kit in the end.

Q: How do my customers redeem the special offer?
A: Have your customers visit, click on "Join Now" and enter all of their information. Make sure they select "1" as the quantity for kits and enter the coupon code PUMPKINDEAL in the promo code box which is located just below the kit quantity. They will then finish with payment information and click "Submit." They will receive a confirmation and a request to set up a password. They can return and do that at any time.
Q: What if I sign up to get more than one kit per month?
A: That's great-more fun for you. However, the two-month discount will only apply to one kit each month.
Q: Is the Try-It Kit discounted?
A: No. It is still available for regular price. (Item #132600 $16.95.) This promotion does not apply to the Try-It Kit at all.
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